Ages 4-8

A Fresh Way to Learn Math

Highly visual activities that help kids gain math superpowers.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to turn the next generation into clear thinkers and problem solvers by:

  • Enabling self-directed learning that rivals the excitement of playing video games.
  • Pioneering new visual learning experiences that make hard concepts easy to understand.

Dan Zakon, Founder

The Secret Recipe

MintyBrain Math Arcade transforms ordinary math problems into delightful interactive experiences that make math make sense.


Math You Can Touch

Interact with, manipulate, and solve puzzles to explore the tangible side of mathematics.


Math You Can See

Visualize concepts, grasp ideas, and learn through intuitive animations.


Math That Motivates

Engaging rewards and personalized challenges foster continued progress and confidence in problem-solving skills.

It's Good to be Different

Other apps hide dull math behind games, which teaches kids that math is a chore. In MintyBrain Math Arcade, the math is the game.

Their Math

  • Boring, worksheet-style math problems are hidden behind distracting games.
  • It's like "chocolate-covered broccoli." Kids learn to love the chocolate but to hate the broccoli.

Our Math

  • The math is the game. Each math problem is a super satisfying learning puzzle.
  • Kids learn to love math because we put the beauty and excitement of math in their hands.

Launch Partners

MintyBrain has won several education and entrepreneurship competitions and raised over $1 million in initial funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if you have any questions that aren't answered below!

What device do I need to use Math Arcade?

Currently MintyBrain Math Arcade is available on iPads and iPhones. In the future we will make the app available on all tablets and computers.

What age is Math Arcade for?

While the initial MintyBrain Math Arcade curriculum is designed for 4-8-year-olds, it can help anyone improve their number sense and basic math fluency. No reading skills are necessary to get started using the app as it gives both audio and text prompts.

What curriculum does Math Arcade teach?

The initial curriculum aligns with the US Common Core Mathematics Standards from grades K-2. However, MintyBrain is expanding the curriculum to go beyond the Common Core to introduce concepts we think are very important for young minds and overlooked by traditional curriculums. These topics include logic, probability, spatial reasoning, and more.

How does Math Arcade keep kids motivated?

We make it really fun to learn by providing kids with meaningful challenges and strong incentives to improve their skills.

Our progression system adjusts the difficulty level to the optimal range for getting kids in a state of "flow" where they are maximally engaged. This range occurs at the edge of their competence level, where the challenge is stimulating but not so much so that they become frustrated.

Our rewards system makes kids feel great about the effort they are putting in regardless of the outcome, while also incentivizing them to try to get answers correct to increase their benefits. By solving visual math puzzles, kids earn in-game currency which can be used to unlock new characters and content, purchase exciting costume upgrades for their characters.

Why is it important for kids to learn math?

Math is the foundation of logical reasoning. It promotes rationality, discipline, and the ability to overcome adversity. Those who succeed in math are likely to be resilient problem solvers in all areas of life. Kids who develop math confidence and fluency at a young age are far more likely to succeed in math throughout their education and are more likely to pursue STEM careers with high job security. Math literate adults are more financially literate, better at risk assessment, and less likely to be manipulated by poorly constructed logical arguments.

Math is the language that humans have created over centuries to describe our universe. Math helps people see reality more clearly because it directly describes reality. For this reason, math skills are invaluable in all branches of science and technology. Math is inherently beautiful as it encapsulates the complexity and wonder of the universe we inhabit.

“If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.” -John von Neumann